Where are you, honey?


Usually swatting them away would be the best thing to do, but this time might be a little different.

The bee population is rapidly decreasing due to parasites and pesticides. Between 2015 and 2016, beekeepers lost almost 50% of their honeybee colonies in the United States (https://beeinformed.org).

This may sound like a great thing. No more making fools of ourselves when running from their stingers. Although, is losing bees worth everything that will be lost with them?

Say goodbye to that necessary caffeine boost. Coffee is a stimulant that students use to get through midterms and even balance their social lives. Bees pollinate the seeds that are ground for coffee. Without bees, staying up late to write a paper or cram for a test will be hard, and waking up the next morning for class will be even harder.

Many of these typical motivators used to fuel people during their daily routines will be gone without the work of bees. All sorts of foods and drinks will fade, and this tragedy doesn’t stop there.

Forget about those comfy T-shirts. In college, many organizations use T-shirts to promote and market themselves. Cotton is one of the biggest cash crops in the United States, but to grow, they need bees to pollinate. If they were to go extinct, these crops wouldn’t be able to get their necessary nutrients to flourish, which would cause a decrease in many material goods, including trendy college T-shirts.

It’s important to pay attention to these types of issues to find solutions. Since it’s not always easy to take action while in college, it’s necessary to learn how to make a difference in the simplest of ways.

Do a project on it. Students are constantly struggling to find topics for different projects assigned in their classes. Here is an easy solution: save the bees.

This is a nationwide concern that can be the topic of a research question, speech, paper or even a film. Any way, shape or form would influence the cause by bringing more awareness to the people.

Create the buzz on the bees. Send your project to your parents, professors, friends, strangers and everyone in your contact list. Spreading the word to inform others is the most influential way to help a cause.

If people became more aware of this extinction, then more people would be aware in helping to fix the problem. This publicity is not only a great way to get the word out there but also your name and knowledge.

It is so important to act now and spread the issue. There is so much at risk with the decline in bees that society is looking at a big change if they were to go extinct.

So rather than shooing the bees away, treasure them and their hard work before all their honey runs out.


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