A head start into Public Relations


It has crossed my mind many times if being a good writer was even possible. I always enjoyed communicating, interviewing, and working on social media, which is why I chose Public Relations as my major, but I was worried when I realized how imperative writing was in the field.

The University of Texas is known for shaping its students into knowledgeable professionals, but when it comes to the Public Relations program, that is an understatement. Just having started in this program, my writing skills have already advanced tremendously.

At the beginning of the semester, I pointed out the struggle I have with editorial writing, my greatest weakness. I have not only just improved on this, but I have become confident in my work as well. The techniques taught in this program are insightful and effective, which will be used in the many years to come.

It’s common to hear about people overcoming their weaknesses, but this program has taught me how to improve my strengths as well.

I had always been good at feature articles and creativity, but I unbelievably heightened these abilities as well. The consistency in writing and learning the methods of each section in an article is what expanded my mind. The most important thing I learned is that even strengthens can always be improved on.

Near the beginning of the semester, it was asked of the students to write goals they’d like to achieve by the end. The top focus I had was getting out of my comfort zone.

Typically, I am good at expanding my horizons and pushing my boundaries on topics. Though as a writer and editor of my high school newspaper, I was use to choosing my own assignments and only focusing on what I was good at, but the Public Relations program has forced me to stop this bad habit. I was given enough information to go about these assignments, but I was also given not enough information, which is what the real forcer was.

Moving forward in this program, I want to continue working on my writing skills. There is still so much to be mastered before attempting the advanced techniques. My main goal is to consistently gain this much knowledge throughout each course at The University of Texas.

It is astounding to have experienced so much growth within such a small amount of time. The guidance I have received from Professor Tamara Bell will take me far into my future studies as well as career. I am looking forward to the knowledgeable experiences awaiting me in this program.


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